I didn’t quite know it yet, but that was the day everything changed.

My husband was spending time with Jesus when God spoke to him,
“What if I never want you to take a paycheck from the church?”

“Well, that can’t be God!” I replied.

We were two years into a church plant in 2015, just about to add a salary to our budget for us as the Senior Pastors. God had other ideas. Grant told me he felt God inviting him into something different. God told me, “Let’s build a business that I can bless. Let me provide for you outside of the church,” he said.

When God surprises your life with a hard left turn its best to let Jesus take the wheel completely. He sees where He is taking you clearer than you can.

I thought we would be church planters and missionaries for
the rest of our life. I had no idea
God would send us as
missionaries and business planters through entrepreneurship. 

God used that first business to open door after door.

He marked it with favor, blessing, and opportunity.

Today, that business has paved the way to relationships with hundreds of people who would never have walked in the doors of our church. It has created countless opportunities to pray with people, introduce them to Jesus, and generate resources to advance God’s kingdom.

LIttle  things...

Fear says, “What if?”
Faith says, “Even if”

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Connecting with like-hearted men and women all over the nation who are passionate about seeing Jesus rule and reign in their businesses.

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God knows us better than we know ourselves. He leads us with such incredible diligence. His timing is more strategic than we could possibly comprehend.

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I can’t stand when coaches say they are faith-based but they have no idea how to get in the trenches with God. They sell programs in the name of Jesus but have no grasp of true
partnership with the Holy Spirit. When I share opportunities to work with me you better believe I am coming with a full tank of faith, having heard from the Holy Spirit, ready to see God move in and through your life!

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If you have the right people around you anything is possible. Most of our delay is born out of deep-seated doubt that we don’t have what it takes to do what God has called us to do. The right community can help you dislodge that doubt and instill you with courage!


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“Life with                is life worth                   ”



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Developing people truly is my passion. For me, there is nothing better than listening to someone share their story and having the Holy Spirit’s wisdom rush over me with a word of clarity that leads to a breakthrough.

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