coming in 2024!

Introducing Kingdom Leaders Coalition.

Definition of Coalition: an alliance of persons for joint action.

Are you a Kingdom Leader looking to connect with other like-hearted Kingdom Leaders? Are you looking to link arms with other entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who are bringing Heaven’s ways to Earth outside the four walls of the church?

This co-ed coalition is for those who burn with passion for Jesus and have a call to advance His kingdom through their lives. If you know you have been called by God to fulfill your purpose this coalition is for you!

Kingdom Leaders Coalition will be launching in 2024

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To get updates on the launch 
text "KLC" to (405) 883-4845

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Developing people truly is my passion. For me, there is nothing better than listening to someone share their story and having the Holy Spirit’s wisdom rush over me with a word of clarity that leads to a breakthrough.

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