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I love to preach, but I love to write even more. There is a special kind of connection between an author and a reader. Sure, preaching is powerful! But curling up with a good book filled with words from, and about God? Those are deep moments. I pour my heart and soul into these resources because I believe God loves to help His kids know His heart. Each of these books provide an opportunity for connection with God. I truly hope you enjoy them!

My Books

Expansion Mandate

“The Expansion Mandate” is the call for all believers to partner with Jesus to see your God-given promises fulfilled. ⁣

You'll Get Out Of It When You Learn To Love It

The greatest enemy of our faith in Jesus is often the silent struggles we don't allow ourselves to acknowledge. 


The story of the garden of Eden is a story of a culture built entirely upon the goodness of God.

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Developing people truly is my passion. For me, there is nothing better than listening to someone share their story and having the Holy Spirit’s wisdom rush over me with a word of clarity that leads to a breakthrough.

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